Areas of Expertise


The firm has specific expertise in relation to privacy, law and new technologies, and protecting personal data.

The Monica Lippa law firm assists private and public clients of any size in implementing their data protection management system in compliance with national and international standards, and the requirements of the relevant Supervisory Authority. Furthermore, the firm is an authorised DPO accredited by Cepas-Bureau Veritas in accordance with standard UNI 11697:2017, and provides this service for various organisations. This business offering is complete with training delivered to employees, and active/passive legal and administrative assistance in all cases of unlawful personal data processing.

Property Law

The Firm supports businesses, fund management companies, and individuals in managing and implementing all types of property transactions, assisting clients with all legal and technical matters (land registry and property registration procedures).

Property transactions are handled from the initial stage, when various solutions are examined and proposed to clients, also considering tax position, through to the final deed signing phase.

Legal advice also includes assistance with project financing operations, and any other type of finance agreement offered by banks and the guarantees they require.

Corporate Law

The Monica Lippa Law Firm advises Italian and foreign clients on choosing and establishing the corporate structure that best meets their requirements. Particular focus is placed on the corporate governance model, shareholder agreements, and matters relating to decisions made by company management bodies.

Ongoing practical support is provided for shareholder and board meetings, and in relation to the duties of shareholders, directors and auditors. Advice covers ordinary and special administration procedures, with particular reference to company takeover, merger and demerger operations.

Inheritance Law

The Monica Lippa Law Firm has specific expertise in inheritance/wills and property segregation and transfer deeds, especially in relation to trusts, the assignment of trust deeds and family contracts.